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Sue Hildick is an experienced leader with a deep love for Oregon and an expertise in public policy. By building and fostering creative partnerships she has positively impacted some of our state’s and region’s most pressing public issues.

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I believe we can improve our odds for long-lasting and productive policy change when we form cross-sector tables to bring leaders in government, business, nonprofit, and philanthropy together, to create deep and enduring results that improve people’s lives. My most recent focus has been in education where I have led a team to systemically improve K-12 student outcomes for all children in our state.

My key strengths include: an entrepreneurial mindset, a track record of excellence and bipartisanship, and strong implementation skills. Plus, I love to laugh and look forward to collaborating to improve our world.

Please let me know how I might be able to help you.

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Sue Hildick is a fourth generation Oregonian passionate about building Oregon’s quality of life through creative, innovative public policy-making and investment. She has worked in many different sectors – nonprofit, philanthropy, government – and has learned collaborative problem-solving and leveraging of state and federal resources. Sue has a BA in government from Georgetown University and a MBA from Marylhurst University.

Sue worked for nearly twenty years with former U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield and was named Legislative Director for the Senator at 26 years old. She oversaw Senator Hatfield's legislative and field staff for his last term in the U.S. Senate and specialized in education and medical research issues. Sue returned to Oregon when the Senator retired in 1996 and became the first Government Affairs Director at Oregon Health Sciences University. Sue joined OHSU when it was becoming a public corporation and helped define the University’s new relationship with state and federal funders. She left OHSU in 1999 to become Executive Director of the Oregon Trail Chapter of the American Red Cross where she led a team of 50 employees in disaster response and health and safety services. Sue launched “Prepare Oregon” during her tenure which was later sold to the American Red Cross and became a marketing campaign for the national organization.

Sue joined Foundations for a Better Oregon in 2003 to launch The Chalkboard Project – a unique to the nation collaboration of major Oregon foundations focusing on elevating Oregon’s schools to among the best in the Nation. Chalkboard has been honored with an “Innovation in Education Award” by the Oregon Business Association in 2011; was selected by former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to appear at his 2012 Labor-Management Conference, and was named one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon in 2016 based on employee surveys. Hildick’s awards while at Chalkboard include being named Nonprofit CEO of the Year by the Portland Business Journal, twice recognized as one of Oregon’s Fifty Leaders to Watch by Oregon Business Magazine, and named one of Oregon’s Fifty Power Women by Willamette Week.

Fourteen years later, Chalkboard has made substantial impact with over fifty percent of Oregon’s school districts in elevating student outcomes and improving teacher satisfaction. Sue recently transitioned from Chalkboard to Hildick Strategies seeking more flexibility in her schedule and to work on a more diverse set of issues.

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